Straight Photography
Straight Photography is a business name I trade under, registered in Victoria Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, and comes from the name of a philosophy that describes a style of photography, definition being.

Straight Photography: Pictures that show the world, as it is, pictures that are not manipulated. Photography, that attempts to depict a scene as realistically and objectively as permitted by the medium, forsaking the use of manipulation both pre-exposure (e.g., filters, lens coatings, soft focus) and post-exposure (e.g., unusual developing and printing methods). The tonal control of light, by the photographic medium or digital captures,
to express the photographer's pre-visualized concept of that, original light.
 Is a style of capturing light, to the fullest potential of  the medium used, to represent the visualization of the photographer's view. Straight, being direct delivery of the concept with in the image.

It is a style of photograph originated early twentieth century, Paul Strand being partial to this style and a mentor to my photography. Using light as the controlling influence of the medium, it straight photography, strives to capture light as true to laws of physics. Capturing  the essence of light to make it look real to the eye. My work uses this style as a
tool to investigate light and subject.

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