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Takes it how it is and gives beauty in the output

Photography is about recording light. The characteristics of light must be tamed and harnessed, isolating the essence of beauty in the light, to illuminate the content within every subject matter photographed. The objective is to manipulate subject and light captured within the camera and to communicate the photographer's viewpoint regarding the subject.


Welcome to my portfolio website. 


Portraiture is a dynamic experience and a delicate balancing act for the photographer and subject; it is about isolating light to illuminate beauty in each subject. I work to find the essence of my subject and enlighten the audience, creating an enduring connection between the two.


Over my 30 years as a professional photographer my work has ranged from wedding photography to government department content; from advertising material and video content to portraits of iconic national figures.


Like any artistic form, photography changes and trends come and go. My diverse experience means I know how to get the best out of any subject.


Let’s discuss how I can fulfil your vision.


Joseph Lafferty’s commercial clients range from The Commonwealth Government of Australia, Microsoft Australia, Fairfax Publishing, and “Home décor” Singapore, as well many more local and national clients.


Small shoot.

Client’s requirements being three to six images. Please enquire  (plus G.S.T).

Medium shoot.

Client requires six to eight images. Please enquire  (plus G.S.T).

Large shoot.

Client requires twelve to fifteen images. Please enquire  (plus G.S.T).

Museum quality Photography And Advertising.

Museum quality photography, large format and/or black & white with print silver gelatine photographic print. Mounted on rag board and supplied as museum quality, fine art photography exhibition. Please enquire .


To obtain a quote

Please click below to send an email and include in your email answers to the below three questions. I will reply with a written quote. If you accept the quote we will finalise the booking details. 

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  1. Where are the images going to be used or published? 

  2. For what purpose are the photographs to be used? (E.g. Corporate, personal, advertorial)

  3. What do you wish the photos say to a viewer?


News and Media

National Press Club Address: The orderly transition to the electric planet

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

"The only way to meet the energy needs of the future without sacrificing standards of living, or undermining the economy, is by planning for an orderly transition that embraces science and technology as the stepping stones to the future we want.

A future where we supply the vast majority of our energy requirements by electricity. Clean electricity. A future I like to call the “Electric Planet”."

Dr Finkel spoke to the National Press Club on 12 February 2020 on a path towards his vision of an 'electric planet' - one powered by low carbon generation, with a reliable, efficient and robust electricity system available to all.





Learning Photography

The Course

I will introduce you to medium and large format photography as a learning tool. I like to start the learning experience with exposure and camera controls, as once you get that, right, you are halfway home. Then we delve into elements of composition - lens, colour, digital and film capture, Along with lighting.


The course is run out of my studio space here in Curtin ACT, and all you need to begin is your personal photographic device and access to Adobe Photoshop, if you are using digital medium. Your personal device will preferably be an SLR camera with manual controls because while you can work with smartphone camera, you will get more out of the course if you have the ability to control the camera settings.

Course information

Cost: Please enquire  (GST incl) for the full twelve-week course paid up front.


Time: The course runs for 12 weeks and each class is 90 minutes long. The classes are held between When it suits interested Students. When you enrol please specify your preferred evening of the week that suits you,


How to enrol: Express your interest to enrol by clicking on this link. I will respond promptly and let you know the next available course date and all other required information.


Certificate: A certificate is provided on completion.


Your teacher: I combine my decades of practical professional photography skill with my formal teaching experience. I’ve taught at ANU, Canberra School of Art, Studio Skills, NSW TAFE and conducted weekend workshops for the National Gallery of Australia. I’ve exhibited fine art photography in galleries in Australia and the USA.


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